On this page I provide access to datasets that I have created or contributed to.

UN and Non-UN Peacekeeping Dataset

Quantitative peacekeeping research has to date almost exclusively focused on UN missions for lack of detailed data on non-UN peacekeeping missions. In this dataset I offer data on the approximate monthly number of troops, police, and observers in missions by the UN, regional organizations, and coalitions of states to civil conflicts globally between 1993 and 2016.

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When using this data, please always cite:

Bara, Corinne & Lisa Hultman (2020). Just Different Hats? Comparing UN and Non-UN Peacekeeping. International Peacekeeping 27(3): 341-368.

Civil Conflict Ceasefire Dataset

The Civil Conflict Ceasefire Dataset is the first comprehensive global dataset covering the full range of state-based ceasefire arrangements in civil conflicts between 1989–2020. In total, the CF data provides information on 2202 ceasefires across 66 countries in 109 civil conflicts, and involving 4091 declarations by 469 different governments and non-state armed groups. This human-coded data includes the full range of unilateral, bilateral, and multilateral arrangements, and a series of additional variables featuring, for example, the purpose, class, and outcome of all arrangements.

Download Civil Conflict Ceasefire Dataset

When using this data, please always cite:

Clayton, G., Nygård, H.M., Strand, H., Rustad, S.A., Wiehler, C., Sagård, T., Landsverk, P., Ryland, R., Sticher, V., Wink, E. and Bara, C. (2022). Introducing the ETH/PRIO civil conflict ceasefire datasetJournal of Conflict Resolution, Online first. DOI:10.1177/00220027221129183.