About me

Photographer: David Naylor

Welcome to my website! I’m a peace and conflict researcher at ETH Zürich, passionate about using computational methods to study civil wars. My research examines how conflict management strategies, such as peacekeeping and ceasefire agreements, impact armed actors’ violent behaviour.

I am now venturing into a new research direction at the intersection of data science, humanitarian assistance, and conflict research. The goal is to harness the power of data science to assist and protect civilians in armed conflict while ensuring that technological solutions do not put civilians in more harm and impede humanitarian negotiations and diplomacy in the long run. I will study sieges as extreme cases of humanitarian access denial, exploring ways in which machine learning, big data analytics, and remote sensing can be employed to better understand humanitarian needs in environments where access is constrained.

I earned my PhD from ETH Zürich in 2016 and spent the last six years at the Department of Peace and Conflict Research in Uppsala, Sweden – first as a postdoc, later Assistant Professor. Before my PhD, I worked for the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs and conducted research and policy advice on risk analysis and disaster management at the ETH Center for Security Studies’ Think Tank.

When I’m not immersed in my research, you can find me exploring the great outdoors – hiking, foraging for mushrooms and other edibles, mountain biking, barbecuing, or simply strolling through the forests… nature in both Sweden and Switzerland is absolutely gorgeous and has so much to offer! Below are some of my favourite nature moments in Sweden, which I still miss dearly.