Starting 2019 with two new research grants

One project on conflict zones and the location of violence, the other on ceasefire impact on the dynamics of violence.

Corinne Bara, January 2019

Looks like I am going to stay in Uppsala for the near future! From 2019, I will be leading two research projects, both with a strong focus on the spatial and temporal dynamics of violence during and after armed conflict.

The first project focuses on spatial patterns – how can we best represent the fighting between rebels and governments as conflict zones (we’ll make new data!) and are these conflict zones good predictors of where other types of violence that take place in the context of a civil war (such as violence against civilians and rebel in-fighting) happen? This project is funded through a postdoctoral fellowship from the Swiss National Science Foundation, and you can read more about it on my conflict zones project page.

The second project is on ceasefires and their impact on patterns of violence. Under what conditions do ceasefire agreements help stop the killing, and when do ceasefires lead to a transformation of violence towards other forms and/or actors rather than an end of violence, as we would hope? Read more about this project, which is a collaboration with Govinda Clayton at ETH Zürich and funded by a project grant from the Swedish Research Council, on the ceasefires project page.