Award received for my work: NEPS Medal 2019

I received the NEPS Medal 2019 for the best publication in peace science for the article on post-conflict spillover that I put my PhD heart and soul into.

Corinne Bara, July 2019

The Network of European Peace Scientists (NEPS), the primary professional network of peace and conflict scholars in Europe, annually awards a medal for the best publication in peace science published by any of its members.

I received the 2019 NEPS Medal at the network’s annual conference in The Hague for my article Legacies of Violence: Conflict-specific Capital and the Postconflict Diffusion of Civil War, published in the Journal of Conflict Resolution. You can read a short summary of the article and its findings here.

This award means a lot to me, for several reasons. First, I wrote this article as part of my dissertation at ETH Zürich, and from the moment the idea occurred to me, I was extremely passionate about it and put my heart and soul into this research. So, my favorite PhD article.

Second, the NEPS Medal is awarded by means of a poll among all members of NEPS, and it means a lot that my European colleagues appreciate this work.

Also, it was great to receive the award at the same time as my friend and ETH colleague Enzo Nussio received the Manas Chatterji Award for Excellence in Research on Peace Economics and Peace Science. Go ETH!