About me

Photographer: David Naylor

I am an Assistant Professor at the Department of Peace and Conflict Research in Uppsala since 2019. I currently lead two projects, one on conflict zones and the location of violence during and after civil wars; the other on ceasefires and how they shape the dynamics of violence in armed conflicts.

Originally from Switzerland, I got my PhD from ETH Zürich in late 2016. I came to Sweden on a postdoctoral fellowship from the Swiss National Science Foundation. In Lisa Hultman’s project Ending Atrocities: Third Party Interventions into Civil Wars, I studied the impact on peace operations on postwar violence.

Before my PhD studies I worked for the human security division of the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, and was a researcher at the Center for Security Studies (ETH Zürich), where I specialized in research and consultancy (for the Swiss government) on risk analysis and disaster management.

I like to spend my free time outdoors – hiking, collecting mushrooms, running in the forest, grilling at one of the many lakes (something Swedes do both in summer and at -10° in winter), cycling on Sweden’s empty roads, fishing, ice-skating on the frozen lakes… nature in Sweden is absolutely gorgeous and has so much to offer! Below is a collection of my favorite nature moments.

Nature in Sweden